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Sanitizing Services To Remove Pathogens

When thinking about air ducts and vents and their need for cleaning, one may think it’s all about vacuuming out the dust and debris. Well, that is only a small part of the cleaning process. As removing the dust and dirt particles may look like it works, the contaminants causing air pollution often remain. In addition, when pests infest these ducts and vents, simply removing them is not the solution.
While removing the pests, dust and dirt particles, proper sanitization is critical. Without robust and highly effective sanitization techniques, you may only be clearing the ducts and vents but leaving behind the contaminants that are a risk to people with allergies, autoimmune disorders and respiratory issues.
Sanitization is the process of making something sanitary by cleaning and disinfecting. Having your ductwork and vents cleaned and sanitized allows the air to flow freely, protecting all those in the home, office or elsewhere.
At Dr. Lint Dryer Vent Cleaning, we use EPA-registered decontamination products. We apply an antimicrobial treatment with a fogger. Fungus, bacteria, mildew, or odors associated with germs or micro bacteria, and decayed waste and feces will be eliminated on contact.

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